We Tonk and Associates (P) Ltd have ISO 9001-2015 certification from Indian Register Quality System. In addition, the company is LCSO certified by Director General Quality Assurance (Govt. of India, Ministry of Defence). Our product meet or exceed several national and international standards such as MIL and JSS.

Further Information

  • 100% Physical and Electrical testing.

  • A minimum of 3 layers of PTFE Tape, wrapped and sintered, provides balanced bi-axially oriented, concentrically placed insulation.

  • Minimum shrinkage / deformation and no ’run-away’ problem at soldering-iron temperatures.

  • Certified minimum BREAK DOWN VOLTAGE to ensure higher, uniform and predictable performance.

  • Controlled tighter tolerance on weight, PTFE density and conductor resistance.

  • Test voltages for the three common working voltages are:

Type working voltage Dielectric Test Voltage Spark test. Voltage

Type working voltage AC RMS

Dielectric Test Voltage for 1 Minute

Spark test. Voltage for 1 second

ET 250



E 600



EE 1000