Wiring Harness and Assemblies

Our wiring harness and RF Cable assemblies are used in automobiles, electrical and electronics. Made of PTFE, they are also used as connectors in various terminals. Its basically uses as an assembly.

Detailed Product Description.

1. Used for Automotive Electrical and Electronics Equipment.

2. Assembled according to customer's specifications.

3. The component can be JST, AMP and MOLEX according to customer's request.

4. Materials of wire and cable are comply with MIL and JSS standards.

5. All kinds of our products are RoHS compliant.

Construction :


Cable Assemblies and Wire Harness

Wire Insulation

PTFE only


All Electronic Colours


PTFE – 65°C to + 260 °C


As per Customer Drawings


Brass / Tin / Silver Plated


As per Customer Drawings

We are the top most manufacturer of Wiring Harness and Assemblies. We have a complete team under Wiring Harness Division who carry the expertise in manufacturing world class Wiring Harness and Assemblies products. We also export Wiring Harness and Assemblies to Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt, United Kingdom, New Zealand, France, Norway, Australia, Russia, South Korea, UAE, Iran, Thailand, Czech Republic, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Netherland, Norway, Switzerland, Canada, USA, etc.

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