PTFE Tape (Sintered / Un Sintered)

Our range of Sintered & Un-sintered PTFE tapes have received wide acceptance in both commercial and industrial applications. Attributes like high elongation, impervious to weathering, excellent dielectric properties and more makes it highly convenient to use in difficult shapes. these tapes are superior wire wrap and insulation tape for high temperature and high dielectric applications. They are also used for various mechanical applications and offer low friction and non-stick properties. Furthermore, high elongation, optical clarity and exceptional resistance to UV are the key attributes of these tapes. The properties that make PTFE ideally suited for all sealing applications include:

  • Its non-wetting non-stick surface is resistant to enzymatic and microbiological attack and does not enable fungal or bacterial growth.

  • Its chemically pure and inert state gives unmatched resistance to water, gases, solvents, acids, alkalis and other reactive media.

  • Its lack of leach-able additives ensures no effect whatsoever on process fluids.

  • Its resistance to cracking and embitterment even after long-term use.

  • Its lubricity prevents the binding and sticking of pipes.

  • Its retention of these properties over a very wide temperature range, from about -60°C to + 260°C

PTFE tapes can be used with all types of pipe, including iron, steel, copper, brass, alloys, plastics and even rubber. The tape is highly pliable so that it embeds in the threads, and remains compliant at high and low temperatures even at high pressure.

Grade / Type

Un-sintered / Sintered


- 65°C to + 260° C


1/4 “, 1/2”, 3/4", 1” to 6”


3 mil, 4 mil, 6 mil and up to 32 mil

Core Colour

All Electronics Colours and Transparent

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